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Barnyard: Deluxe Edition Bundle

Barnyard: Deluxe Edition Bundle

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Save BIG on a deluxe edition of Barnyard and a neoprene playmat!


Wrangle loose cows, pigs, horses, and more in Barnyard, a game for two. Manipulate the barnyard line, outmaneuver your opponent, and corral farm animals in the best possible arrangement to win the game... Let's get wrangling!

The only way we could make this game any better was by packaging it up in a super sleek, embossed leather wallet with a suede lining and magnetic clasps... And that's exactly what we did!

Plus, you'll be playing in style with a deluxe neoprene mat that organizes your game on the table and provides an easier time picking up and managing cards.


*Note: This is a pre-order item scheduled to ship August 9th

Gameplay Details

• 2 Players
• 10-20 Minutes
• Ages 14+


Product Details

Deluxe Edition:
• Packaged in an Embossed Leather Wallet
• Magnetic Clasps & Suede Lining
• 24 Double-Sided Cards
• 1 Rulebook

• 14" x 24"
• 2.5 mm Thick
• Rubber Backed
• Black Stitched Edging


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Pocket-Sized Fun!

Welcome to Barnyard, a game that can fit in your pocket! Compete to corral the best combination of farm animals that you can by managing an ever-shifting line of animal cards.

Free Expansion

Barnyard: Farmers Expansion includes 6 new farmer cards, which increase the game's complexity by adding private player objectives to help you score extra points. Included in every copy for free!

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